وبینار Solutions for Smart, Safe, High Performance Wireless Charging

به اطلاع علاقه مندان به حوزه های پژوهشی الکترونیک قدرت می رساند، وبینار

Solutions for Smart, Safe, High Performance Wireless Charging

در تاریخ ۶ خرداد ماه توسط شرکت INFINEON برگزار می شود. برای ثبت نام و کسب اطلاعات بیشتر به لینک زیر مراجعه نمایید:

Key Takeaways

  • Get a basic understanding about wireless charging and it´s market
  • Become a mini-technical expert on wireless charging
  • Know the relevant Infineon products and solutions for inductive and resonant
  • Learn more about dedicated focus products for wireless charging
  • Explore our available support material


Wireless power transfer is not a trivial endeavor. Customers want more spatial freedom and higher power ratings. OEMs want smaller form factors, high efficiencies, a certified and safe product, good heat management, and, last but not least, low cost. All this makes engineering devices for wireless charging more challenging

Register for the webinar and learn what is needed to meet the expectations and develop safe and efficient wireless charging designs at fastest speed, maximum convenience, and without security leaks

Infineon’s wireless charging experts Verena Lackner and Marcel Konstantinov will take you on a journey and guide you through a broad selection of semiconductors, such as MOSFETs, driver ICs, microcontroller with software, security solutions, voltage regulators, BLE controllers and reference designs, all to address the leading standards – inductive and resonant. They will also introduce you to the current available wireless charging technologies, and give you insights about the market and upcoming solutions for wireless charging up to 400W

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