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به اطلاع علاقه مندان به حوزه های پژوهشی الکترونیک قدرت می رساند، وبینار

Modeling Challenges and Opportunities in Transient Simulations for Power Systems with Large Penetration of Converter-Interfaced Generation

 تحت حمایت مرکز Power System Engineering Research کشور آمریکا در تاریخ چهارم آذر ماه توسطDr. Duncan Callaway  از دانشگاه برکلی کالیفرنیا برگزار می شود.

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 The integration of converter-interfaced generation (CIG) from renewable energy sources poses new challenges in studying electric power systems’ stability and transient behavior. While understanding the dynamic behavior of low-inertia power systems is critical to addressing these stability questions, the modeling details for reliable stability assessments are still under development. Additionally, the limited availability of open-source modeling tools for researchers explicitly geared towards large scale low-inertia systems further restricts these explorations. The first part of this talk discusses the high-level objectives of a software tool to provide flexibility in modeling low-inertia systems, focusing on Scientific Computing principles. We leverage the Julia computing language to enable the separation of models between solution algorithms and component specifications. The second part will focus on our current work in PowerSimulationsDynamics.jl (PSID.jl), the open-source Julia package implementation of the models. We will discuss its data structure and software architecture, providing a qualitative comparison with other available packages. Finally, we will showcase a simulation and implementation of a test-case using PSID.jl, comparing results with available power systems packages

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